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You can count on our location in the capital city of Tallahassee to give Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A. CPAs a unique insight into the area of governmental business.

We’re focused on providing governmental entities with value-added ideas and knowledge. Our scope of services extends far beyond traditional auditing services. Each of our services is designed to enhance and complement the value of the other and is accompanied by timely communication with client personnel to ensure their needs are met or exceeded. State-of-the-art technology and strict quality control processes are integrated into every engagement to deliver the level of quality our clients have grown to expect.

You can count on our extensive experience.

We perform financial audit and compliance services for governmental entities of all sizes and complexities. These audit services have included preparing governmental financial statements in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles, governmental auditing standards, and governmental compliance requirements, single audits, and assistance in preparing the CAFR for submission to the GFOA.

You can count on consulting and other services provided to governmental entities including:

  • Process improvement and account reconciliation services
  • Bond services
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Conduit debt
  • Secondary market disclosures and on-going disclosure
  • Capital appreciation bonds
  • Prepayment risk
  • Bond remarketings
  • Bond refundings and defeasance
  • Outsourced monitoring
  • Insubstance defeasance
  • Loan sales and securitization
  • Use of guaranteed investment contracts
  • Warehousing of mortgage-backed securities
  • Collateralized mortgage obligations
  • Pass-through securities
  • Arbitrage rebate calculations and payments
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support services
  • Operational reviews
  • Strategic planning
  • Internal control reviews
  • Employee benefit consultation
  • Sales tax consultation
  • Outsourced accounting and compliance services
  • Quality control program

Our engagements have also included governmental activities such as:

  • Federal financial assistance
  • Public financing
  • Housing and community development
  • Public safety and education
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Natural resources and environmental management
  • Recreational and cultural opportunities
  • Governmental direction and support services
  • Environmental remediation audits
  • Reviews of other CPA contractors

You can count on transparency.

Citizens continue to require more transparency from our government agencies while accounting and reporting requirements used to provide such transparency become increasingly complex.  To accurately balance transparency and accountability, you can count on our firm to provide a high degree of innovation, technical proficiency, and business acumen.


Jeff Barbacci
Managing Shareholder