what we do

Count on Our Expertise


what we do

Creating a custom approach to every client

Every client has their own unique set of circumstances, risks, and opportunities.

At THF, we understand the importance of recognizing these differences and tailoring our services to maximize value. We understand the high-profile nature of the mission and purpose of our clients and their operations.

We believe risk comes in many forms, but reputational risk is at the top of the list. We work with many clients that operate in that environment, and we understand what may seem trivial to some, can be a primary focal point for others.

Providing a full range of accounting services to deliver superior client service

Since our inception, THF has grown to more than 140 professionals and support staff members who provide clients with a full range of traditional accounting, auditing, and tax services complemented by comprehensive consulting services. Our practice has grown dramatically for one simple reason – superior client service.

Our goal is to build higher levels of knowledge and experience, to minimize the learning curve and to deliver services in a more seamless and cost-efficient process. Our dedication to maintaining an expertise across the functional lines of assurance, tax, technology and consulting reflects the firm’s commitment to building superior service capabilities.

Simply put, our clients count on us to be the experts in audit, tax, and business consulting.