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Tax Benefits for Educators

As teachers, administrators, and aides have kicked off the new school year, taxes may not be heavy on their minds just yet. However, knowing what to track throughout the school year can help reduce the burden at tax time. There are three key work-related tax benefits that may help educators reduce what they pay in taxes. […]

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5 Helpful Tips about Employee Business Expenses

Taxpayers who pay unreimbursed work-related expenses out of their own pocket may be able to deduct them, if certain criteria is met.  In general, the deduction for employee business expenses is part of a taxpayer’s itemized deduction shown on Schedule A of their personal tax return and is deductible to the extent that the expenses […]

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5 Things to Know to Avoid Surprises at Tax Time

The federal income tax is a pay-as-you-go system. Employers generally withhold tax from workers’ wages; however, taxpayers often have taxes withheld from certain other income including pensions, bonuses, commissions, and gambling winnings. Individuals who do not pay tax withholding, like the self-employed, as well as those who earn income such as dividends, interest, capital gains, […]

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Selling a Home

Homeowners may qualify to exclude from their income all or part of any gain from the sale of their main home. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selling your home:   Gain.  If there is a gain from the sale of the main home, the homeowner may be able to exclude up […]

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Tips on How to Reconstruct Records After a Hurricane

If you’re a victim of a natural disaster, you may need to reconstruct records to prove your losses for insurance purposes. Doing this may be essential for tax purposes, getting federal assistance, or insurance reimbursement. Here are 11 tips  to help you reconstruct your records: To establish the extent of the damage, you should take […]

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Tap into Cash & Defer the Tax-Installment Sales

When qualifying property is sold and payments are received in the year of sale, the installment sale method of accounting for the transaction is available. Under the installment method, a portion of a gain resulting from the sale is reported as each payment is received. Each payment will generally consist of three parts: gain on […]

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